Best Payment Portal Aside From Paypal

To be honest most people don’t like PayPal but the safest payment portal online is PayPal. With PayPal is has only one order form. In case you have a PayPal account and have been using there services it is just very typical that this moment you know what to do, nonetheless if you have not tried to use PayPal and you only want to pay with their card it will lead to confusion and you wander what to do about the payment.

Base on experience there are lot of people who withdraw your cart and if you have an online market you can never know since there is no way you can track them down. Most of the time if the transaction process is very complicated then surely you will lose the sale from the client.

One disadvantage about PayPal when an issue surfaces it will take months to solve the problem. In case your PayPal account having any trouble with kind of dispute because of their updates or changes in privacy policy or whatever. It will take forever to fix this change and later on it will affect your finances. Another thing, you have no other choice if you’re using the free PayPal account. And they are many people who don’t know how to use their basic form and will have many complaints.

Today there are companies online who would like to help with online payment and transaction, but the scary thing is that when you fill up the form to buy something there are many requirements, like plenty of red blank forms for your to fill up and its so complicated for those who does not know about the order form. So if your market online offer products and when your visitor want to buy something but the order form is so complicated there is a high chance that you will lose the sale.

So here’s few process that you need to follow when buying from vendor online. By going to, this is an ideal alternative for PayPal. You are not going to fee some monthly bills. You can automatically pay using credit card transaction. All transaction can be done by using credit card like Visa Master Card and other credit cards which most people use. By the way with they have great services for your advantage.

The next thing is the JotForm. JotForm provides forms, survey order forms and many more. Whatever you are looking for you can check out JotForm to create those different kind of forms and you can use their services easily by just dragging and form a format in order to make whatever kind of form you want to make. One ideal thing about JotFrom is you can connect it with and created an order from which is easy for your customer to understand.

Now the thing alternative is Ecwid, this is very ideal if you want to market your products using your Facebook account. Simply because you want to make some kind of shopping cart or online store. It is ideal to use Ecwid and the good news it is for free.