Rampage 2018: Stuff the You Need to Know About It.

Who would have thought that the Atari video game that features monsters and apes wrecking havoc on the cities will become a huge film in the movie this year? And this movie is entitled Rampage starred by Dwayne Johnson who play the role Davis Okoye, an advocate of anti-poaching unit and protect wild life beasts like George (a rare albino gorilla). The movie features a scientific experiment accident on the space that brings debris of mysterious chemical fall towards the earth. When the chemical was touched by wild life such as Gorilla, Wolf and Croc, problem started to take place.

The movie Rampage 2018 features these animals that turn into a giant monsters with violent and aggressive behavior doing some damage in the city. One thing you can notice in the movie is the idea that these animals are working together and they have as well the same route. Maybe the substance which they are exposed (DNA-altering substance) are making them being controlled by the makers of the chemicals. It’s like the accident happened on the Space Lab was intentionally made and what they expect comes to fruition in the expense of the lives of these animals and the damage it could bring to the city.

Davis Okoye who is a primatologist took care of the Gorilla (George) since it was just a baby until it turns into a big animal. He taught him about sign language and they have great bond. The moment the Gorilla was infected with genetic-editing serum, suddenly his behavior has changed and he become very restless and won’t communicate anymore on Davis. Now that Okoye’s friend is in trouble, he must do something to save the Gorilla and save as well the city. You cannot imagine seeing this monster size infected animals that will be doing damage in the city.

At first, it was just some silent operation of the authorities until they could no longer control the crisis. And so the military started to intervene fighting the Gorilla and the wolf using assault rifles, weaponized helicopters and fighter planes just to finish off the infected animals.

Considering that this is Dwayne Johnson movie, you can expect non-stop action, thrill, and explosion on the screen. Dwayne Johnson is a good and very versatile actor in every movie he has. And this time around, we will be expecting that he will amuse us with another blockbuster movie. This is totally a worth watching movie for family and friends while grabbing your pizza and soda.

We don’t know what Okoye should do in order to save his Gorilla friend. As we observe, while he was on the metropolis trying to follow the infected Gorilla, a giant wolf appears as well. While George the Gorilla was doing rampage on the city, Okoye was trying to communicate with him by calling his name, yet George just keeps on ignoring him. It seems so impossible to rescue his Gorilla friend. Would he just allow the George to die, or would he try to find some cure to save his friend? Well, there are many things we cannot predict about the movie but one thing is certain, this is going to be a great movie for Dwayne Johnson’s fans as well as for those who love animal and monster movies.

So guys, if you are looking for the best movie this season, then les rampage le film streaming 2018 will surely give you wonderful story and action for viewing. You can watch the movie in your local theater or you can watch them online for free streaming in HD quality.