Game of Thrones – Annoying Twist

Everybody like to watch Game of Thrones and to readers it is a dream come true to them because it is watchable now. This movie series end up a success compare to those movie series end up very terrible. HBO company really did a good job to create a movie series. For me this is the best tv series ever created. nothing can be it. The whole world is watching from US till India.Even the Chinese watch games of thrones. Now there is no doubt I repeat this is the biggest because according to  there 16.5 million viewers United States and more than 10 million are watching live.

Viewers expectation to GOT never comes up with a shortcoming it always fascinate fans in every episode. Some fans really hate when somebody is giving some hint regarding what’s happening on the series. I read some info about Martin want to eliminate some of his main cast in the story . In the movie series they are so many twist and take note expect the unexpected. The movie series is always twisting of scenario like bad guys always win and good guys are such a weaklings. In this style of movie series is a big hit to everybody and growing to be so famous. To all fans that expect something for GOT your expectation without a doubt will betray you.

Some parts of GOT episode that I hate the most when Joffrey is being punished due to his action of crossing the line. When it comes to Cersei the character that I like the most end up being self destruct. So the creator really doing great to mess up with my expectation and how the series will run it story line.

Tywin really mad about the death of his son and the only thing in his mind is revenge. Kill the one that kills one of the bloodline and when it comes to Tywin is one psychopath that would like to take down everyone that is related to his son’s killer. In the movie I always love when someone is a psychopath it makes the movie so great. When it comes to Game of Thrones I don’t like it because I read the whole story line in the book and I don’t want any twist in this part where Tywin want to seek revenge.

As far that I go in every episode that I watch I always end up in the killing mode where everybody close to the main cast is dying and I believe Martin the Creator of this GOT is a killer. He is killing everything being love by the people. Just like John Snow being killed and by the time many followers and fans react to John Snow death he put a twist he revive John. Martin is in Control, he loves to see fans being annoyed with the twist.

You can expect for the final Season of Games of Thrones and that is Season 8. pretty sure lots of major site already blogging about this and that is pretty normal why people keep asking for more but what happen after the release of the final chapter, though they have to add another season like Season 10. Who knows only the production and the writers knows about it. But right now why not watch read or watch another thought this cannot compared with GOT but this one is surely an appealing too. I am talking about vikings Season 5 which you can also get more review and update here and they are out right now, four of its episode in Season 5 are already release so you can watch it to your favorite provider online