Game That Have Best Graphics

1. Mass Effect Andromeda not a whole lot is known about this game but can you believe we’re going to be able to continue the Mass Effect series that’s the main take away from me I’ll of mass effect the games are just fantastic and each entry to the series just got better and better and by the time we got to the end of it was a very smooth well-polished shooter on top of having a great overreaching plot I can’t wait to dive back into the universe and explore the Andromeda galaxy with a new cast that hopefully he’s able to mimic the attachment that we all fell to the original.

2.Star citizen that’s right star citizen is supposedly finally going to launch next year and that means both squadron 42 and star citizen the persistent universe itself both are very different squadron 42 being a single player experience a campaign that takes place within the universe of star citizen and stars isn’t being a massively multiplayer online persistent universe so you can basically go around and do anything if they actually pull this on color me impressed because it is possibly the biggest undertaking anyone has ever done for a computer.

3.The Division is a Tom Clancy game in which you take the role of an officer going around a seemingly post-apocalyptic world and fighting with people online it looks like a pretty innovative game we’re all very impressed with it we just kind of wanted to come out.

4.Eight world of warcraft Legion the six expansion set to the massively multiplayer online game obviously world of warcraft is what I’m talking about not only will this expansion increase the level cap – 110 it will also bring a number of new weapons as well as changes to player classes on top of that a new hero class joins the game in the demon hunter there’s a whole new plot and a much expanded setting and while fans are obviously going to need this expansion pack.

5. Ashes of singularity is aiming to deliver a brand-new real-time strategy type experience by bringing in scale the game claims to be the first native 64-bit RTS game which in theory would provide much more access to system resources and uses a new 3d engine that fully leverages all multi core functions in modern pcs it’s also among the first if not the first to support microsoft new Direct X 12 and if the game plays as good as its list of technical features frankly it’s going to be quite the game. 6.Dishonored – okay where to start the original dishonored is fantastic it is phenomenal if you haven’t played it and you like stealth or first-person shooters or unique games or great level design play it I really truly cannot imagine a scenario where the second dishonor game isn’t really really really really good and judging from the gameplay trailer which shows us so many new powers and possibilities plus the prospect of playing is Emily called when as a fully-realized powerful adult who have wait.